What’s your weakness? Your kink? Your passion? Whatever you want to call it. What is it in a person that just gets to you. Personality wise, looks wise, whatever. What makes you interested and want to know more?

I’m assuming that by this you mean what would get me interested in a woman. While some guys will say it’s a certain part of the body that does it for them, me I look at the whole picture. I’ve seen some woman with amazing bodies but not a pretty face and I’ve seen the opposite. If I see a woman whose overall look is “perfect” then that’s part one.
Part two is the attitude she puts out. If she carries herself like she God’s gift to men and her shit don’t stink then I don’t care how pretty she is cause that kind of attitude leads to trouble. If she has a attitude of I’m know no ones perfect so I know I’m no goddess then that’s part two.
Hope that answers it, if not just ask more.

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