WILSON Debut Album Full Blast Fuckery Available

Today finally sees the long release of the highly anticpated debut release from Detroit, Michigan’s WILSON.  The world has been clamoring for it and now is the time for #FUCKERY!  Full Blast Fuckery can be ordered HERE.  Even the press loves these crazy fuckers:

“Your children will emerge from the womb looking like tattooed Wookies.”
-Decibel Magazine

An album that doesn’t take itself so seriously is as refreshing as a vodka-spiked limeade on a 95-degree day. (Seriously, lemonade sucks in comparison.)” 
-Metal Sucks

Full Blast Fuckery is the album you put on when everyone’s at the party and you’ve opened the first twenty-something beers with every intention of destroying the place down to the last thing worth destroying.”
-Metal Injection

“A debut album many bands strive for, but are rarely able to accomplish.”
-Rock Revolt Magazne

“Full Blast Fuckery is the soundtrack to the best party you could only dream of.
…bands like Wilson don’t need to believe the hype. Their music, their live show, their attitude will be a hit with genuine music fans of honest bands who don’t need to fake their Facebook “likes” or YouTube views.”
-Pure Grain Audio

When reached for comment on the album release, frontman Chad Nicefield was still passed out drunk from the CD release shows this weekend.

WILSON is a band that has toured relentlessly since 2010, through big cities and little podunks.  A band that records its albums the ol’ fashioned way: with instruments.  And analog gear.  Fifth and sixth and twentieth takes.  A band that brings that last Friday night on Earth mentality equally to huge crowds and audiences of two solitary dudes. 
WILSON is not an “internet band”.  They’re five dudes in a van with beards and big dicks- working harder than your parents.  But instead of giving their all as stockbrokers or auto-mechanics or assistant branch managers their job is to destroy your party.  When that WILSON van cruises into your town that shit is REAL. Real MUSIC. Real LIFE. Real LOUD. Real SWEATY. And real fucking FUN. 

Like P. Diddy once said “Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.” And they’ll never quit on you.  And that’s real talk. That’s #FUCKERY. And that’s WILSON.

Full Blast Fuckery Tracklisting:
1)    My Life My Grave
2)    Better Off (Strictly Doods)
3)    Passing on the Left
4)    College Gangbang
5)    Snake Eyes
6)    I Can Beat Your Dad
7)    Viking Pussies Fuck Off
8)    If You Ever Leave Me I Will Find You
9)    Susan Jane
10)Live in Corpus Christi

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