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01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

WORMREICH Enters Studio in April to Record New Full-Length Album

US black metal underground legends WORMREICH will be entering the studio in early April, to record their new full length album, entitled Vril – The Elixir of Death and the Void. Read the band’s announcement below.

WORMREICH drummer Chris Pezzano stated:
“We are very pleased to announce, that Wormreich shall be entering the studio to record our next full length entitled Vril – The Elixir of Death and the Void. Starting in early April this year. The album has been in the making for years now, but due to the accident a few years ago, it had to be postponed for obvious reasons.. But now the time has arrived, and we are very excited about it! This album will surely take you on a Hellfire/Horror ridden journey! Several guests may also appear on the album, but more on that later. The album will be recorded/engineered by our great friend Paul Golden at House of Devastation Studio. Infernal Hails! ……..Profana”

WORMREICH was formed in 2009 by guitarist/vocalist Vulk and joined by current and former members of Blood Stained Dusk, Ancient (Nor), and Hallows Eve, and despite tragedy and death, WORMREICH has returned to unleash Satan’s will upon the Earth. WORMREICH is an established touring band, currently signed to Moribund Records, and they have a reputation for putting on air-tight and intense live performances, gaining them great respect and admiration within the extreme metal underground.

Justen Bieber